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Thank you for visiting my website! Let me introduce myself first :
I’m James,wedding photographer and a 41 year-old father-of-two. I’ve been married for 13 years and I live near Angers.
Not unlike Harry Potter’s patronus, the deer has been a symbol of my family for decades. This is the reason why I have decided to use a stylized drawing of deer antlers as a trademark.

People with the deer as a totem animal are said to be highly sensitive and intuitive.

The Wed’Shed Studio is an actual shed in the woods, a place where I work and where we can talk about your plans. Whatever the theme of your wedding, from rustic to bohemian or alternative, nature inspires you just as it inspires me. When I’m not in the quiet and soft Anjou, I am most likely to be hiking in the stunning surroundings of northern Europe where the grazing lights make everything look magical.

It all started with a landscape picture

A French-English couple I know loved my travel photos and asked me to be their wedding photographer. Shortly afterwards, I jumped in to replace a professional wedding. I really enjoyed to capture all those little moments that made the day so special for the bride & groom and their guests. I had an epiphany – wedding photography was my calling. It’s been 10 years already.
Trained at the School of Fine Arts, I focus on capturing real moments, emotions and reactions in an unobtrusive photojournalist approach with a trendy and creative twist.

In my opinion, a good picture must reflect the moment it was taken and the people on it. I aim to provide you with photos that tell the story of your day just the way it happened, providing you with memories of your wedding you can treasure forever.

My approach to wedding photography is all about capturing you.

I will meet the bride and groom several times well ahead of time and I will also meet the bridesmaids, the best man, your special guests, the caterer and the worship leaders to involve them in the project.

I have an unobtrusive approach. I may use a telephoto lens and shoot from a distance or blend in with your guests and be a fly on the wall. I will not tell you or your guests how to act or to pose but I will let you celebrate your love with your favourite people.

My wife often helps me chose the best photos. I appreciate the fresh and critical look she takes at my work – and it is also an opportunity to do something together, which is why I got married. Marriage is a strong commitment and we are partner in life.

That’s enough about me! I would much rather hear about you and your plans.

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