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Just so you know a little bit about me...

James Saint-Gray by Claire Issartier ©

Specialized in wedding photojournalism since 2009, I travel to clients in France and throughout Europe.

Trained in design and fine arts, my approach is resolutely contemporary and spontaneous... I work the symbolism of shapes and colors in my report to create rich photographic atmospheres in line with your universe. Your wedding photos will reflect your personalities coupled with my feelings !

Dedicated and attentive, I meet with the bride and groom two times to get to know them and share my experiences in wedding events: a confident and relaxed couple, it's a good place to start.

In recent years, Wedding Photography was revived with the arrival of life-style photography...

The goal is not to make pictures "wedding milestones", but capture everything about this extraordinary day, from the preparations to the party.

This style has 2 approaches: a social dimension and an aesthetic dimension, which I bring with my obvious taste for scenic techniques ...